Wood Grubs




Baby wood grubs in the fire wood, the fish in no /2 tank thought they were very tasty.

The Curdies river

DSCF0780.JPGThis is the Curdies river in the southwest of Victoria it rises in or about the stoy rises near lake Purrumbete and flows through the Curdies valley  until it reaches the sea at Peterborough, As you can see it has great habitat for blackfish but none have been caught there for years at least to my knowledge if anybody has information to the contrary please let me know. the rivers and creeks in the southwest should hold populations of blackfish and they don’t WHY. contact me on my mob /0407843998

Mount Emu creek


Mount Emu creek is a substantial piece of water that drains a large area north of Camperdown in western Victoria and empties into the Hopkins river above the Hopkins falls near Warrnambool. talking to people in the area about the creek the word is that Blackfish were present some time ago but nobody has heard of any recent catches if anybody has any information about the fish in the creek please let me know, this creek is accessible to fishers at varies points along the length of the creek and should have river blackfish in it why does it not. As you can see by the debris on the bridge pylons this creek can flood DSCF0777.JPG

Home among the gum leaves

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these are the middle fish in size.

The water temp is around 12 degrees which is not bad however I am expecting it to drop down to single figures soon.All good so far, I have been promised a visit by fisheries not sure when, they need to hurry in the spring these fish will have to go.

These fish have worms

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And they love them