Yabbies are a great source of protein for fish and that is where these ones are headed, a feed of cooked yabbies like this should do the fish for a few days, this time of year their metabolism is starting to fire and they will be looking for more food.

The water in my ponds has reached 16 degrees so breeding will begin now and I should have young fish mid to late Dec, this will be the fourth year I have produced these fish and the secret is fresh clean water that is chemical and salt free yes I know salt is a chemical but I mention it separately because some aquaculturists wash out their equipment with salt not thinking that some of the residue can make into the water, whilst this will not harm the fish it may put them of breeding so no chemicals at all. dscf0963dscf0964   It is my belief that these fish are more susceptible to the effects of chemicals than others due to their habit of stirring up the detritus and mud on the river bottoms to find food if chemicals from sprays have accumulated there then they will come into direct contact with it so it is vital that over spray and run off are controlled to prevent this from happening.

A dam tree.

A neighbour had a dead tree fall over in the wind and I bought if from him for fish habitat, the tree was on a cow paddock and so was destined for the wood fire now it will be used for fish habitat.                                                                                                                                            dscf0951                                                                                                            dscf0950 dscf0955  dscf0956                                                                         dscf0957