Quiet time

Things are quiet at the farm at the moment because Blackfish ( southern marbled cod ) do not handle well in the colder months if you handle them in the cold they can stress and die, if you need to move Blackfish in the warmer months at night is the best , keep them in the dark.

I have placed all the breeding boxes in place already so as not disturb the fish in the breeding season, I have collected food ( yabbies) to last the winter although the fish will not feed much from now until the water temp improves and daylight lengthens and they begin the breeding cycle.

Yabbies are the best food they live in the fishes environment and can be taken for food when the fish is ready this also allows the fish to hunt which is important as they are predators and want to hunt it helps to mimic their natural behaviour after all a happy fish is a good breeding fish. below is a breeding hollow that will serve as a substitute for the real thing. DSCF0829

Dam progress 2

Here a series of photos of the new dam



From top to bottom.

1 the inlet gate to control inflows.

2 the shallow section in two parts.

3 these rocks provide habitat no matter the depth.

4 the deep section the water here will be colder and bigger older fish might prefer.

5 the already famous flat rock where contemplation will take place with a few ales.



Forgotten places

Beautiful lake Mumblin

This video doesn’t exist

This lake has all but been forgotten by anglers it once held good Trout but has not been stocked since the seventies so no trout remain, Redfin are present but without some pathways it is very hard to get near the water not to mention the snakes.



Wild places


This needs to be protected, if we lose this then we truly are mad.

This video doesn’t exist

No resort for this place .





Habitat happening.


The new dam is taking shape, I am thrilled the excavator driver was able to put the rocks where I wanted, they create wonderful habitat for fish, the rocks in the centre will protrude out of the water even when the dam is full they will act as a heat sink warming the water around them even after dark.

This video doesn’t exist

There is a lot more to do aeration, breeding boxes, grass on the bank etc.

when the dam was built one of the rocks that came out was cone-shaped with a flat top so I had it placed on the dam bank flat side up , I intend to build a shelter over it and a deck around it and it will make a great table.