Fresh is best

If you are a youngster just starting out on a life time of fishing, remember fresh live bait is always preferred by fish , if you cant get fresh and alive then get the next best thing, remember to that it sometimes takes effort to find your fresh bait whether its worms or yabbies or in this case wood grubs.DSCF1686.JPG

These grubs are found in trees often at the end of their lives and you can often see holes on the outside of the tree where some of the grubs have already left, the grubs have a flat head  unlike the Bardi grub which is more rounded and of course they are found in holes in the ground under some Gum trees .

No matter the kind of fish you are after fresh is best .

The Snobs are breeding Blackfish

Travis Dowling from fisheries has assured me that the hatchery at Snobs Creek are to attempt to breed River Blackfish along with other troubled fish such as Trout Cod, this is good news maybe at long last the Blackfish will get the recognition they deserve.





snobs creek This does not mean that I have given up on a southern hatchery I am just please there are finally experts who put their knowledge to the problems surrounding this fish, I wish them well.