Damn rocks

This video shows the wall of concrete and stone I have built around the front dam , this dam will give me about three or so megalitres to use through the dryer months,  I will put blackfish into the dam, I have already placed thirty odd shrimp into the dam for food for the fish, at night you can hear the frogs all around the dam so I suppose they or their tadpoles will also provide food for the fish.

This video doesn’t exist

Insects from the nearby trees should also provide food , and I will supplement their food with crickets and grubs and the odd worm .

In time i might invite fishers to come and fish for a blackfish and of course there will be a small entry fee.

2 thoughts on “Damn rocks

  1. Very Impressive ! Lots of work went into building this dam ! Thought you said Carpet under the lining ? Hope you get some more rain before winter.


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